Omniscient Engineer

"I, at any rate, am convinced that He does not throw dice." Albert Einstein

Show Me, G.A.E.A. Space, Guangzhou (CN)

Stan Wannet, 2014

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Show Me

Participating Artists: Leila Anderson, Stan Wannet, Rongman Hong, Paul Segers, Xiaopeng Huang, Jia Chen.

G.A.E.A. Space, Guangzhou (CN)

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The Diagnosis

A live installation by day in which the artists sleep the light hours away in a laboratory still life in an inner city shop. At night they embark on a series of nocturnal interventions in which they enact nonsensical automations of waking life. The documents of their experimental sleepwalks, along with their unconscious bodies, are installed for inspection by the public

Common Sense, 2012

Stan Wannet, Leila Anderson 2012

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