Intifada Orchestra
The stage is littered with bags of potting soil, homemade instruments and speakers. The film starts with a dastardly attack on one of our soloists, who was just performing a paean to "musical experiment". The Orchestra charges the audience every two minutes with a deafening mix of brass improv and hermetic electro-dzahz. The lack of skilled musicians is cunningly compensated by moving images of a bunch of fruitcake virtuosos ploughing through muddy ditches. Intifada Orchestra is an audiovisual tearjerker for those with a stomach for wild dancing and elaborate single snare bass soli

Also see: U235 Intifada Orchestra 10" Vinyl

Stan Wannet 2002

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U235 10" 33rpm

- Dzahz: dieses ist doch musik von leute die alles kaputt machen wollen?
- Nuevo Cantion: het nieuwe liedje met een streepje op de 'o'
- O when the (in viltwollen mantel gehulde) Saints go marching in
- Hoe dan ook, dat serieuze leren jullie wel af... stelletje grensverleggende Avant-gardisten!

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All in full compliance with contemporary revolutionary aesthetics

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